Pricing Strategies in a Seller’s Market

Everyone has heard the stories of multiple offers on new listings and prices way over list. This has led some sellers to unfortunately over-price their homes hoping for similar results. Overpricing your home in this market is the worst possible strategy! The very best results I’ve seen with new listings Read More

Fall is a Great Time to Buy!

Lots of my buyer clients who get outbid during the year finally land on the right home during the fall/winter months, especially November – December. Many people are too busy with holiday travel and Christmas shopping to look for houses! The competition definitely thins out  once you get past Halloween. Read More

Time For The Spring Walk Throughs!

It’s that time of year! Yes, even though the leaves are just changing colors and the temps are falling softly toward winter, it’s time to start getting that house ready for a spring sale! At least that’s one of the most common calls I’m getting these days. This time of Read More

Is This A Real Estate Bubble?

All of us are amazed at how much property values are appreciating. There are many reasons for this, mostly consistently low interest rates and historic low inventory levels. Many regions of the country are seeing appreciation values in excess of 10% per year. How long will this continue? Or will Read More

When Will Interest Rates Rise?

When will interest rates get back to historical levels? Great question! The Fed just signaled that the prime lending rate will be increased another quarter point, but the 30 year fixed mortgage interest rate continues to hover around 4%. Let’s put this in historical perspective. Historically, the 30-year fixed mortgage Read More