Lenders & Home Inspectors

Baker Realty Group clients have given these lenders and inspectors good reviews. These service providers are a good place to start as you interview lenders and home inspectors.

Mortgage Lenders

Company Contact Phone Email
The State Bank and Trust Company Sue Reichard (614) 395-4150 sue.reichard@yourstatebank.com
Wells Fargo Tim Adams (614) 657-7358 timothy.e.adams@wellsfargo.com
Huntington Bank Shara Daviso (614) 286-9376 shara.l.daviso@huntington.com

Home Inspectors

Anderson Home Inspections
(general home)
Duane Anderson (614) 316-3860 duane@inspectmynewhome.com
Kustom Home Inspection
(general home, termite, radon)
Ken Harrington (614) 507-1061 inspectorken@kustomhi.com
Independent Health Services
(termite, radon, well and septic)