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Does a Recession Mean There Will Be A Housing Crisis?

This is a question I’m sure many people are thinking about… If the US economy is in a recession, that mean there will be a corresponding housing crisis? Thankfully, the answer is no. A recession is a period of economic slowdown. Unemployment goes up, manufacturing production declines, and there is Read More

Back to Normal, Finally?

All indications are that the real estate market is slowly shifting back to what mosts of us veterans would call a “normal” market. A “normal” market would be best described as one in which the number of buyers and sellers balance out. The last two hears have seen a very Read More Survey Shows Annual Price Growth of 15.6% – Will It Continue?

The most recent statistics from housing survey (8/8/2022) show nationwide year-on-year appreciation at 15.6%. That rate of price growth also seems to hold close to Central Ohio appreciation rates, too. Will this rate of growth continue next year? My studies would indicate a slowing rate of growth moving forward. Read More

Prepping Your House to Sell: Do I Have to Remodel??

I get asked that question way more than you would imagine. When sellers have me over to their home for a walk through when they are contemplating selling, many are concerned that they need to do major remodeling to sell their home. Nothing could be further from the truth! Only Read More