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You Don’t Have to Waive Inspections — Even in This Market

One of the alarming trends in this hyper-competitive seller’s market is the waiving of home inspections. Buyers are taking on significant liability when they do this. In some situations, this risk may be manageable, as in the case of new construction, a condominium or a recently inspected property. But in Read More

Choosing the Right Lender

One of the most under-rated decisions when buying a home is choosing the right lender. Let’s start with saying that picking the wrong lender can make the home buying process miserable. The right lender will make it seem like a breeze! The mistake most buyers make is thinking that the Read More

Are We About To See a Slow Down?

Are we about to finally see the real estate market slow down? Some experts are starting to sound off that this is around the corner. They point to the sudden jump in the 30 year fixed rate upwards of 5.5% and the crazy growth in real estate prices. Double-digit prices Read More

Is The Market Starting to Cool?

Is the real estate market starting to cool? The short answer appears to be “yes”. Three factors are applying downward pressure on the real estate market: the jump in interest rates, ongoing shortages and the affordability problem. Many first time home buyers are re-signing apartment leases as competition and higher Read More