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Appraisal “Gap Coverage”: The New Secret Sauce in Offers

Last year, in the midst of all the crazy multiple offers and rapidly appreciating prices, a new tactic emerged that saved the day for many buyers. Appraisal “gap coverage” is what I call it. With most offers coming in over list price, often times the appraised value can lag the Read More

One Change That Could Cool Down The Real Estate Market

One of the most frequently asked questions is when will the real estate market cool down? That’s a hard question since it depends on so many factors, like local job markets, new construction costs, supply chain issues, etc. But one factor that will likely change in 2022 that could definitely Read More

What in the World is Appraisal Gap Coverage?

One of the newest innovations in this crazy seller’s market we’re all experiencing is what I fondly refer to as “appraisal gap coverage”. Values are increasing so quickly (especially in the spring market) that many buyer’s are offering to pay all or part of any appraisal shortfall. Since the appraisal Read More

Pricing Strategies in a Seller’s Market

Everyone has heard the stories of multiple offers on new listings and prices way over list. This has led some sellers to unfortunately over-price their homes hoping for similar results. Overpricing your home in this market is the worst possible strategy! The very best results I’ve seen with new listings Read More